Eye Care

Comprehensive annual eye examination

A check of your vision, muscle balance, eye teaming, eye coordination, eye health, glaucoma screening and glasses prescription (if needed) will be provided. After completing the visual analysis, the doctor will take measurements of the curvature of your eyes and evaluate the findings to determine the best type of lenses for your eyes.

Computer Vision Syndrome

Many people spend more time looking at a computer than anything else during the day.  We have examination and lens technology to improve your vision, comfort and performance.  Please ask us about this during your visit.

Emergency medical office visits
We see patients with urgent or emergency problems quickly.  Call us for care.

Examination and treatment services 

We provide care for Glaucoma, red eye, allergies, Conjunctivitis, foreign body removal and many other eye related problems. We have state of the art testing available in our offices

Insurance benefits

We will do everything possible to maximize your insurance benefits.  We ask for your insurance information when you make your appointment so that we are prepared to help you get the most out of your visit with us.

 Please note that medical issues such as red eyes may be covered with us under your medical insurance even if you dont have vision insurance.

Low vision eyecare
We have doctors with extra training in low vision care. They each have years of experience at helping patients with subnormal vision.  Subnormal vision is common in older patients who have cataracts, diabetes and macular degeneration