Child Exams

Children’s Eye Examinations Eye Testing For Infants


 Children have special needs, Our doctors have special techniques to accurately assess the visual system of children ages 2 and up.  Children often do not know what is normal and therefore do not complain.   Please schedule an appointment for a baseline examination.

 Infantsee Program

 This is a program by the American Optometric Association to provide full vision screenings to Infants under 1 yr old at no charge.  Our doctors are able to detect many diseases and conditions that may be less severe when detected early.  Call our office to schedule this visit.

 Low Vision

Three of our doctors have extra training in low vision care.  They each have years of experience at helping patients.


 Is uncorrectable vision due to problems in visual development and is normally found in only one eye. In childhood, if one eye sees poorly while the other sees well, the weaker eye may not develop good vision.

Early annual eye examinations can diagnose amblyopia and provide correction that develops stronger vision in the weaker eye. The critical step is catching amblyopia early enough to correct it.